Technostress. That’s the new term coined to convey the way some compa-nies are reacting to lightning-fast developments in the world of information technology. This rapid pace of change is evident everywhere. Nimble upstarts that have learned to apply novel tools to their advantage are disrupting banking, tourism, transportation, and other long-established sectors of the economy. Technostress strikes, then, when IT enhancements, which seem to be occurring daily, cause confusion—or worse, stasis—in those enterprises that don’t keep up.

It needn’t be so. Evolution is how many successful firms are avoiding technological whiplash, as you’ll discover in the following paper, Preparing the Path for the Future-Ready Enterprise. Based on our global survey of 300 high-level IT decision-makers, as well as interviews with business leaders in the field, the paper reveals that far-thinking executives are seeking ways to make use of new and useful processes such as predictive analytics.

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